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Anonymous: how are you soooo sexy???

Well I do try my best ;) who are you beautiful human?

Anonymous: hey Love bug, you look cute when you blush. -yours truly

*Blushing* :’3 you’re adorable!

Anonymous: hey, You are beautiful. Smile love bug

You made me blush, thank you so much :3

Anonymous: Please don't hurt yourself!

I won’t, I’ll try not too, thank you!

Anonymous: Hey hang in there!

Thank you so much!

Anonymous: Hey beautiful! Don't kill yourself you're an amazing person I'm sure things will get better

Thank you so much! That means so damn much :3

I could end it, right fucking now, but how? Knife? Pills? Bath water? It’d be so damn easy! Get it over and done with quickly, no more pain, no more feelings NO nothing, either I die or live in pain… I just want everything to be okay :(